All of the materials used are acid-free and preservation tested. We can handle virtually any type of book.

Houchen Bindery Ltd. is pleased to offer restorations on all types of printed material. Our highly-skilled restoration specialist Steve Bertchume employs time-tested methods to transform old and rare books into beautiful, durable, long-lasting pieces. We can handle virtually any type of book – Bibles, Plat Books, dictionaries, medical and legal books, photo albums, song books, recipe books, children’s storybooks, and more.

Goal of Restoration

Our goal is to protect, preserve, and enhance your treasured books to last for generations. We want to give your old books new life so you can cherish them again and again.

Evaluation Process

Due to the delicate and custom nature of Restoration work, we require an evaluation process before we proceed with your order. Because each project is unique, it is necessary for us to evaluate your materials in order to provide an accurate price quote. Once we have evaluated your materials we will contact you with a detailed description of the work to be done and prices. Once the evaluation is approved we will proceed with your order. We require a $25 evaluation fee, which will be applied toward your order if you agree to proceed. Most materials will be finished within 6-8 weeks from receiving approval.

Other Preservation Options

Not all books are suitable for full restoration or rebinding due to brittle pages or other factors. We offer various preservation enclosures to protect books from light and dust. Clam Shells and Phaseboxes are an excellent, economical solution to extend the life of brittle books, documents, or artworks.

Restoration Pricing & Ordering

Review further restoration information including estimate prices, extra options, and ordering.

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Restoration Order Form

Complete the Restoration Order Form and include with your material for evaluation.

Restoration Order Form
I want to congratulate you people on, not just a great job, but a phenomenal piece of work you did on my book.  I am absolutely thrilled (obviously I am a bibiophile and not a kindlephile) with the quality of your work. It is a piece of art.  Thanks very much.  It was well worth the [money]… Restoration Customer

Clam Shell
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Our Latest Work

Restoration – New Covers

The following is a series of books that were in need of new covers. The bindings were still intact and strong, but the materials joining the covers to the book blocks had been damaged. Original Covers Covers replaced with F-Grade Buckram, gold foil stamping on the... read more

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