Newspaper Binding

Preserving history using library certified methods. We can bind your publication into long-lasting, attractive, and easy to store volumes.


Houchen Bindery Ltd preserves current publications and archival material in bound volumes using library certified binding methods. We can also create custom storage boxes and scan material into digital formats. Whether you are a daily paper looking for digital archive support or a local publication hoping to store your area’s history we can help.


Newspapers measuring 17″ and under are bound using double fan adhesive binding. Newspapers over 17″ are sewn by hand. Both methods produce a durable volume with minimal loss to the gutter. The volume will then be cased into a hard cover with foil stamping (Black, White, or Gold) applied to the spine of the book.


Newspapers can be trimmed smooth after being bound or left un-trimmed. Trimming will give each volume a smooth edge but can result in content being trimmed from the pages of the paper. Please indicate on your order form which method you would prefer, but Houchen Bindery Ltd can not be held responsible for trimming into content on the page if trimming was selected.

How to

Prepare Your Papers

Physical Preparation
Store papers flat and unfolded, keeping them in the order of publication.

  • Papers that have been folded for an extended time require special handling and preparation at the bindery before they can be bound and a fee will be charged for handling.

Remove any portions of the paper, like advertisements, you do not wish to have bound.

  • These can be removed by the bindery for a fee. Indicate this on your order form.

The amount of papers bound into one volume will vary based on the size and number of sections in the paper. A maximum thickness of 2″ is suggested per volume.


Pick Up or Shipment
Houchen Bindery Ltd has sales representatives throughout the Midwest (Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas) that can pick up and deliver to many areas. Give us a call to find out if we serve your area.

  • 1-800-869-0420 or

Or ship your papers directly to us. We’ll complete the binding request and return your papers bound.

  • Houchen Bindery Ltd, 340 First St, Utica, NE 68456



Storage and Preservation

Phase Boxes

When materials are too brittle or otherwise in a weakened condition and cannot be rebound, the first choice of most libraries is to construct a phase box. Using acid-free barrier board, a custom-sized enclosure is constructed to protect the book block. Spines can be stamped, and boards are held in place by velcro. This is the least expensive custom fit enclosure we can supply.

Digital Preservation

Whether you wish to convert the content to searchable text, provide copies for reproduction, or make the pages available for purchase, we can provide a number of services to help. Houchen Bindery Ltd can unbind books for later digitization, scan and return material, create digital files with OCR, and many other services.

Post Binding

Newspapers are stored in a book similar to a bound volume, but all the content is removable for later use. Holes are placed along the spine edge of each paper and placed into a hard cover housing. Posts are secured to the hard cover which allows the papers to be removed and used as needed, and then returned to the volume.

  • Material is currently limited to 1″ thickness, but larger sizes would be available for large orders or ongoing orders.

Complete a

Newspaper Order Form

Completing an Order Form

As is the case with many of our services there are a number of variables to consider before starting a project. Our Newspaper Order Form identifies many of the common questions.


  • Please indicate whether you would like the volume trimmed or not. We suggest NO TRIM to avoid trimming off content.
  • Houchen Bindery is not responsible for trimming into content if TRIM was selected.


  • Houchen Bindery offers 8 colors of Library Summit for use on newspapers.

Foil Stamping:

  • Newspapers include stamping on the spine to include the name of the publication and date range included in the volume. Foil colors available are Black, White, and Gold.

Stamping Instructions:

  • If you have bound a volume with us before we can repeat the choices to match the previous book.
  • If this is a new order, or a change to a previous order, fill in the text, year, and date range you want stamped. Simply leave any of these blank if you do not want them stamped.
  • Let us know how you want the papers grouped.

How much does

Newspaper Binding Cost

Newspaper Binding Costs

Newspaper Binding Rates are determined by the quantity of volumes in each order, frequency of your order, and the features you choose for each volume, among other factors. Most volumes cost between $100 and $185, but lower rates are available for large quantity orders.

To receive a quote for Newspaper Binding please send the following information through our contact form and we will contact you shortly:

  • Number of volumes to be bound at this time
  • Plans to bind regularly going forward
  • Frequency of the paper’s publication
  • Size of the paper (tabloid or broadsheet, or dimensions if another size)
  • Address papers are stored (we will let you know if pick up and delivery is available or if shipping will be needed)
  • Additional features requested
  • Contact name, email address, and phone number


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