Oversewn Binding

Oversewing is an extremely durable, old-fashioned method of page attachment. This method is still popular and is preferable for certain paper stocks and among certain clients. It takes up more of the inner margin of the book than ultrabinding and smyth sewing. Examples of usage are for scientific lab books, industry reference books, comic book collections and more.


Oversewing Specifications & Delivery Instructions
  • Minimum book size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Maximum book size: 11″ x 14″
  • Coated or uncoated papers are OK
  • Max thickness: 3″

How to deliver to bindery:

1-up with 1/8″ minimum extra on top, face and bottom edges, Bindery will sew in from the spine edge provided 3/16″. Also allow at least 5/8″ gutter margin to ensure all print and images are visible. Please use a brightly color slip sheet divider between each set.