We are pleased to announce that we have recently installed a new PUR Perfect Binding machine. This new perfect binder is capable of producing books as small as 5.71” x 4.4” up to 12.59” x 12.59” at a maximum thickness of 2.55”.

PUR Adhesive (Poly Urethane Reactive) is well known to be stronger than EVA glue, which is the standard Hot Melt glue used in traditional perfect binders.

PUR is good for many reasons:

  • Works well with coated text paper
  • Works with covers that have a coating in the spine area
  • Effectively binds thin books or thick books
  • Books requiring frequent or rough usage
  • Temperature extremes- PUR adhesive has a much lower freezing point and much higher melting point than most adhesives. So in the winter, your book won’t snap in the freezing cold or in the summer it won’t melt if you leave it in a car during the day
  • PUR Binding actually uses less glue to adhere your book, creating a cleaner looking binding edge than some EVA glues on traditional perfect binding