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Binding Methods - Side Sewn Binding


Side Sewn Binding:

Side sewn binding is a method of binding you might also sometimes hear referred to as: "Reinforced Library Binding". We utilize this method for thinner cased books ranging from 3/8" thickness or less. It is ideal for Children’s Books, Photo Books, school yearbooks and other sorts of thin cased books. This method of binding is very strong and secure. The Poly cotton fiber thread that is used to sew through the "side" of a stack of paper will last longer than the life of the paper. With side sewing, we are sewing through the side, as opposed to with Smyth sewn binding you are sewing through the "fold".


The picture the right shows an unbound book block that has been side sewn. Note the reinforcement strip the thread is going through on the spine edge. This is a requirement for the end sheet material to have so it will not pull apart and tear over time. The thread is sewing through from the spine edge at 1/4" in. Designers should make note of this and allow for their artwork in the gutter to be planned properly.



Side Sewn Specifications:

  • Min size book block 4 x 5"
  • max size 12 x 14"
  • Thickness
  • Min: 0.0875"
  • Max: 0.375"
  • Thread sewn in from spine: 1/4"
  • Gutter allowance: 5/8"
  • Works well for coated or uncoated papers up to around 3/8" thickness

How to deliver to bindery:

1-up books with 1/8" to 1/4" extra on top, bottom and face edge + no extra on spine edge . The bindery will side sew in 1/4" from the edge provided. Always use a brightly colored slip sheet divider between each set of books.


   Side sewn books provide both durability and open-ability

For more information, or to get a quote, please contact Martin Pugh at mpugh@houchenbindery.com, or call toll free 1-800-869-0420.