Guide for preparing

a Library Binding Order






Please put all books in boxes with a total weight not exceeding 50 pounds each. On the tops of the boxes, write your institution or account name, "Houchen Bindery", and the number of boxes in the shipment. Enclose the total number of books being sent in the box, along with a purchase order and any special instructions you may have.



  1. Textbooks: Securely box and label on top. Please box your library books separately from textbooks. Titles with quantities of 5 or more will be Text 4-Color Reproduction. Depending on volume and availability, this is subject to change to 10 or more without notice. Sets of 4 or less will be bound with plain covers. (More details on preparing a text order can be found here)
  2. Clearbind Realwraps: Uses entire paperback cover. Box all separately if you desire this method, and label on top and inside of box as "Clearbind Realwrap". If paperback is in bad condition or there is excess tape, we may not be able to use the cover. If we are unable to clearbind realwrap, we attempt other methods to keep the book attractive.
  3. Clearbind Lamijac: Uses entire dust jacket. Box all separately if you desire this method and label on top and inside of box as "Clearbind Lamijac". The same applies as with Realwraps regarding condition. It is very important that you remove dust jacket-tape, glue and plastic from books, remove and retain the blurbs, then put jacket back on the book.
  4. Color 4-Ever: Picture Perfect: Our graphics department creates a computer-generated cover appropriate for the title. This method is very popular versus a plain covered book. Box all separately if you desire this method and label on top and inside of box as "Picture Perfect".

Should you not have enough books to adequately fill a box, the different styles of binding may be boxed together, but separate bundling and labeling is important. All books not bound in one of the above graphic styles will be bound in Library Binding Institute standard plain F-grade buckram covers. Please fill out our bindery slips with title, author and call number.


To submit a correction on a previously bound book, please leave the original binding slip with the book and circle the error. If the original binding slip is not returned with the correction, Houchen Bindery cannot be held responsible for any stamping or cloth color errors. If original slip is unavailable, please send a note explaining what needs to be done.


If there are no special instructions enclosed with your order we will use our best judgment for which methods to use. If you have any questions contact us at 800-869-0420.